Friday, June 5, 2015

Fariview Area Neighborhood Parks

There are 3 small parks in the Cambridge/Fairview neighborhood on the Goleta map (locations 1 and 7):
They are small and of course have no bathrooms, but there is never competition for the play equipment and there are friendly neighbors with dogs.

Anadmar Open Space has a toddler and 2 regular swings as well as a slide over sand.It is located off Cathedral Oaks between Dara Rd and Arundel Rd with entrances on all 3 streets.

Slide, 2 swings and a toddler swing

Slide, 2 swings and a toddler swing

Chickens through the back fence
Emerald Terrace has tennis courts as well as a teeter-totter, ride on toys and 2 swings (1 toddler) over sand. Emerald Terrace is located between Berkeley Ave and Arundel Rd (entrances on both streets) and is behind Kellogg Elementary School.

Toddler and regular swing

Teeter-totter and riding toy
Another "pocket" park in the Fairview area is on Scott Ct. off Village Terrace. It has a tall slide, 2 regular swings and 2 stationary sit on toys over sand.
Regular swings

Slide and Stationary toys

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