Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer of the Parks

Our family is embarking on the Summer of the Parks. With 2 littles (4 and 1), we want to find things to do this summer and exploring our city seems like a great plan. I was inspired recently by an infographic on a local Facebook page about our local parks (Thanks to Summers Case!). Why not share the wealth? I will post comments as I can here about what we find! Here is a link to a list for the Santa Barbara county parks,  county open spaces, Goleta Parks, and Isla Vista parks.

Created by Summers Case, Santa Barbara Parks and Rec
Goleta Parks and Open Spaces
Updated Resources:
Santa Barbara City Parks and Rec
Santa Barbara County Parks
Santa Barbara County Land Trust
Goleta Parks (Chamber of Commerce List) 
Goleta Parks (City of Goleta map above)
Goleta Parks Report (far more helpful than the map or website)!
Isla Vista Parks and Rec

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