Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ortega Park

This park was a blast to the past for me as I remember playing here as a kid! The park was large with a baseball diamond, basketball courts and soccer fields, an amphitheater, swings and an older kid play structure over rubber mat. It has a great Santa Barbara flavor with murals. It is located on the Eastside near the Girls Inc building:

There is an awesome structure for the bigger kids (there is no sign, but I would guess the older 5-12 age range).
There are bathrooms in the center.
It was not busy in the morning hours.

There was really nothing for the littlest kids.
There were some homeless people in the park (though not close to the play area) if this would concern you.
Parking was not easy to find during the day.

Overall play area

SO many climbing sections.

Amphitheater area

Basketball courts


Art is everywhere!

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