Friday, April 30, 2021

Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park

Zumwalt Meadow

We visit Hume Lake every summer, just outside Kings Canyon National Park. While there, we sometimes tent camp in the campground there and sometimes stay in the cabins. Even during 2020 COVID, we went to a cabin for a week. While Hume isn't in the park itself, we have done many side trips in to each park. Because we go so often, I don't have a day by day plan or comments about lodging and food. 

Hume Lake from the Christian Camp

In the Hume area, our fun list includes:
Enjoying the lake (sometimes at Sandy Cove, sometimes other spots)
Kayaking with boats from the Boathouse (these costs are form people at camp/cabins)
High ropes course (when out kids are a little older)
Eat lunch or have an afternoon treat ice cream or shakes at the Snack Shop
Enjoy coffee at Hume N Beans
Walk or run around the lake (2.8 miles)
Hike to the Little Brown Church (it is not what you would expect!)

Sandy Cove

In Kings Canyon:
* Grant's Grove has the visitor's center for Kings Canyon where you can see exhibits on geology (Kings Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon). Also near Grant's Grove, there is a walking loop (about 1 mile depending on how much you walk) that includes the General Grant Tree (3rd largest in the world) as well as a tree you can walk through. 
* Raging River is a short walk down to a waterfall and pool for swimming (we haven't yet been to this one but it is on my list for this summer). 
* Zumwalt Meadow Trail is an easy 1.5 mile loop through a beautiful meadow near Road's End in Kings Canyon. 
Other things to check out: Muir Rock, Sheep Circle Cascade and the North Grove Loop

In Sequoia National Forest:
* Giant Forest is near Lodgepole Village and is the must see portion of Kings Canyon. Giant Forest Museum is the best visitor's center/museum in the parks. General Sherman is the world's largest tree.
* The hike to Moro Rock is short (.5 miles) and has stunning views. Check it out ahead as this is not the best toddler option.  
* Crystal Cave has a family friendly tour (although it does get dark during one part and that can freak kids out). 
Crescent Meadow Loop is a 1.7 mile loop and has a log house in a felled tree. 

Other things to check out: Topeka Falls Trail, Marble Falls Trail, Congress Trail, Big Trees Trail, 

National Parks with Kids

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