Monday, June 17, 2019

Neal Taylor Nature Center at Lake Cachuma

The Neal Taylor Nature Center at Lake Cachuma is a fun little museum.  The museum is dedicated to nature of the lake area, Chumash history and daily life and history of the area. Chumash exhibits include a Chumash pantry tools, model of a town and animals the Chumash used. Nature exhibits include birds/eggs, beavers, mammals, and fish. Other exhibits include weather patterns and the watershed map. 

Our favorites include the scavenger hunt, the puppet area (5 year old fav), Chumash section (8 year old fav), animal exhibits (Mom fav) and the wingspan wall. 

There are many short trails around the nature center that can be explored and there is a 2 hour boat trip ($15 adults and $10 kids) that would be good for older children.  

Cost: Free (the day use fee to park at Lake Cachuma is $10)
Membership: None
Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10am-4pm; Sunday 10am-2pm, Closed Monday and Tuesday
Time: 30-45 minutes
Location: The Neal Taylor Nature Center is located at Lake Cachuma about 20 miles from Santa Barbara (30 minutes) on the 154.
Parking: The day use fee to park at Lake Cachuma is $10.
More Information:
Nearby: Knapp's Castle, Solvang and Sunnyfields Park

Events and free days: N/A

Chumash Grinding stones, pantry and tools
Animal Exhibits  

Animal Exhibits

Animal Exhibits

Animal Exhibits

Watershed Map

Weather in the area

Trash Vulture

Puppet Area

Puppet Area

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