Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Top 15 Posts So Far

I was wondering recently which posts are the most read on the blog and (not surprisingly) that data is tracked in the blogger platform. Here are the top fifteen posts of the past (almost) 4 years. These posts all have hundreds of reads--amazing!
Note: I took out the time sensitive posts like Easter Events 2018, Kid Friendly Fiesta Events 2018 and Patriotic Events 2018.

1. Birthday Freebies

2. Parks with Baby Swings

3. Summer 2018 Quest (Easy Day Trips)

4. Santa Barbara Blueberries

5. Parks with 2-5 Play Structures

6. Parks with Bathrooms

7. Extensive List of Santa Barbara Area Parks (Part of Summer 2015 Quest)

8. Nojoqui Falls

9. Kid Friendly Hikes and Nature Walks (Summer 2017 Quest)

10. Where to Go First

11. Parks for Siblings

12. Toddler Friendly Parks

13. Tierra de Fortuna Park

14. Sunnyfields Park (Solvang)

15. Bella Vista Open Space

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