Monday, July 16, 2018

Tidepooling at Tarpits Beach

Tarpits Beach is an interesting spot with huge rocks of asphalt that seep naturally out of the ground. It isn't really the best place to set up for beach day since there is a lot of tar. But if you get there at the right time, the tidepools are great! Just check the linked chart for the best times to go.

Directions: (one possible free way) Take the 101S to the Casitas Pass exit (86A). Turn right onto Casitas Pass Rd and then left onto Carpinteria Ave. Turn right onto Arbol Verde St. Then immediately right onto Concha Loma Dr. Then a gentle left onto Calle Ocho. Follow Calle Ocho until it dead ends at the railroad tracks. You will have to cross the railroad tracks to get to the beach.

Cost: Free
Time: 45 minutes
Nearby attractions: Tomol Interpretive Playground, Carpinteria Bluff Nature Preserve. Carpinteria Beach and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Preserve 
More information:

Note: the day we went was so overcast, so the pictures aren't great. The kids still had fun!

Globs of asphalt at the top of the beach


Field of sea anemones

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