Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bohnett Park

Bohnett Park got new play equipment in May 2016!

Of the parks I remember from childhood, Oak Park and Bohnett Park stand out. Bohnett has been redone, so it was a fun place to rediscover with my girls. The main park is still on San Pasqual St near Anapamu, but a pocket park has been added connecting though to San Andreas and is designed artistically like a house.  This is located on the Westside near the Boys and Girls Club. The play equipment is new (2016) and includes a 5-12 play structure, swings (toddler and regular) and a climbing structure over a rubber mat. This structure is for climbers and has 3 slides, bridges, a steering wheel and 3 climbing areas that look like a tree or rock. 

There are bathrooms.
There is a creek (it actually had water in this drought) running through the center. This might be a con for you!
The pocket park is very artistic and there are lots of small, hidden things to discover. 

The play equipment was very high for littler kids and is not toddler friendly.
There was a lot of trash (cigarettes, etc) here.
This park was busy! There were a lot of kids here on a summer weekday afternoon.

Double slide on the 5-12 play structure

Climbing Area

Climbing Tree

Play structure (side view)


Climbing Structure

Mural on the bathrooms

Soccer Field with the Boys and Girls Club at the far end


Pocket part on San Andreas

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