Thursday, June 2, 2016

Parks for Siblings

University Circle Park in Noleta
As we approach summer, I have been thinking of the parks that are great for bigger and smaller kids. My girls are almost 6 and 2 1/2, so some playgrounds definitely work better than others. For me, the park that is ideal for us has equipment that is suitable for little kids, but also enough equipment to interest big kids too.  Perhaps parents with kids closer in age will think of other parks (please chime in with comments).

Santa Barbara
Alameda Park (Kid's World)
Chase Palm Park (Shipwreck Playground)
Dwight Murphy Park
Elings Park
La Mesa Park
Oak Park
Parque de los Ninos
Shoreline Park
Stevens Park
Willowglen Park

Calle Barquero
Tucker's Grove
University Circle Park

Santa Barbara County 
Sunny Fields Park
Tomol Interactive Play Area
Goleta (including Isla Vista)
Bella Vista Open Space
Girsh Park
Goleta Beach Park
Stow Grove Park
Wallis Park

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