Sunday, December 6, 2015

Jesse Tree Ornament Day 3

 I recently participated in a Jesse Tree ornament exchange. There is a separate post on what this is and more ornaments, but here is my ornament. I ordered pomegranates from Amazon (these I think) as a starting point. I really didn't want to use an apple because we don't know what fruit it was (it is unlikely it was an apple) and because it is a pomegranate in the Jesus Storybook Bible. I intended to make a felt snake and using fishing line to create a loop at the top. It didn't look good. Plan B. (Thank you to my creative hubby.)

Plan B used the foam pomegranate and 1 foot of copper wire for materials.

Taking the pomegranates, I drilled a hole through each from the bottom out the top.

Tools needed: large metal mallet, chisel, metal punch, pliars and vice (surface to pound on).

I used pliers to bend the wire in half. The original part went through the pomegranate and the end was bent with the pliars into a hook. The other part was bent into squiggles and flattened for the snake shape.

I used a large metal mallet to flatten half of the copper wire. At the tip of the flat end, I flattened it even more to create the rounded head.

I discovered eventually that it is easier to bend it into the snake shape before you flatten it.

The chisel (flat metal tool) pounds a flat line to create the snake's mouth.

The metal punch creates an indentation to create the snake's eye.

Day 3: Original Sin in the Garden
Final Product!

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