Friday, August 21, 2020

Hammond's Beach

Hammond's Beach took us multiple tries to find, but it was a treasure. The quarter mile path to the beach is edged by the gardens from either side and it feels like you are walking through lush gardens to the beach. We encountered many locals with their unleashed dogs walking on the beach but no surfers or boogie boarders.  

Directions:  Take 101S to San Ysidro Rd. Turn right onto Eucalyptus Lane and continue to the end. The parking area for both Hammond's Beach and Miramar Beach is here. 

The path straight down is to Miramar Beach. As you look toward the Miramar Beach path, look just to the right of the gated road (Edgecliff Lane). That is the path you want! Park along Miramar Ave or Humphrey Lane if necessary. (If you don't mind getting wet or it is low tide, you can walk west/to the right from Miramar Beach.) 

Note: Do not Google directions for this beach. Instead, follow the directions for Miramar Beach and follow these directions for finding the path. 

More info 

This was a very clean beach
The gentle waves seem great for the littlest kids. 
We accidentally were there at low tide and the many rocks made it an amazing tide pooling adventure. 

It would be hard to swim or boogie board because of the many rocks on the shore. (We didn't see any surfers here.) 
There are a few spaces at the end of Eucalyptus. Otherwise, you might need to search for parking on Miramar Ave or Humphrey Rd and carry your stuff a lot further.

Hammond's Path to the Right of the Miramar Path

Garden Path

Bench along the Path

Hammond's to the East (Miramar Beach)

Hammond's to the West (Butterfly Beach)

Hammond's Birds

Rocky Beach

Tide Pools in the Rocks

Tide Pools 

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